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April 7, 2003

American War in Iraq

Fear can do a lot of damages for other people. You might think that your action is a good thing but in other people's view point, your action is a distructive one. America desides to go to war because it wants to eliminate fear.

After September 11, 2001, America has been living in fear. Americans believe that anyone can strike America at any time. To prevent it; it goes to war. And war costs - lives and money. On September 11, 2001, some three thousands human lives departed the world; and a few thousands more had departed after the war started.

Am I against the war?
I am against the execution of human lives. Human life is special. No matter what kind of life. Life in the underdeveloped country, life in industrialized country -- wherever! One American life is not better, more precious, more valuable, than a life of other nation. The world lost three thousands precious lives on September 11, and it will lose three thousands or more precious lives when the war started in Afganistan and in Iraq.

Is the fear gone after the war is victorious?
Don't count on it. You went to their country and brought the gift of bombs and missiles, tanks and fighter planes, how are they supposed to greet you. Should they greet you with open arms?

February 28, 2003

Thai and Khmer
Cambodia used to be bigger than it is today. We lost a big chunk of our land because we lost many battles with our neighbors. We lost battles with the Thais. We lost battles with the Vietnamese. The area of Cambodia is 181,035 square kilometers. But the borders are shrinking every time the political environment in Cambodia is cloudy. The border signifiers are easily moved toward Cambodia. I've seen the posts and signs that separate Thailand from Cambodia; they're similar to signs that separate Massachusetts from New Hampshire. You can actually move the sign in a few minutes and the big portion of Cambodia will be lost.

Thai government has their troops guarding the border; Cambodian government does not. If the Thais move the border, Cambodians won't know. If Cambodians cross the border, they will shoot. It's that simple. We still look at the ridiculous drawing called "map" on paper and the word "Cambodia" on it; and we assume that it's 181,035 sq. km. That's what happened when we are weaker than the neighbors. Your neighbors can practically do anything they please to us; and there's nothing that you can do about it.

If you can't beat them, join them.
Thailand has not been very nice to Khmer people. Khmer refugees in Thailand were beaten, murderred, robbed by the Thai soldiers. It's normal, though, because we are their ex-enemy and they are more powerful. And for most Cambodians, they are still our enemy. For me, I like everything that the Thais have. I like the language, the women, and their kingdom. I wish the whole Thailand belongs to us. That's not possible. We cannot get back what we had lost.

The people of Thailand is more civilized, more industrialized, and more knowledgeble than the people of Cambodia. Thailand had been exposed to the West since the 19th century. Their trading relation with foreign country was established since then. So they know how to do business a lot better than we do. Their language is even so true. Thai language is richer than the Khmer language. Why? Because Thai people is not afraid to use foreign language as their own. I've noticed a lot of words in technology, religion, royalty and other high tech fields written in Thai maintain their origins.

Do what the Thais do:
Thailand is good at stealing. The United States of America is good at stealing. Cambodia should learn to steal as well. Stealing doesn't sound right, you say. Well, they call it eclecticism. My favorite Khmer author, Oknha Sottanta Prija In, is heading the right direction; but no other Khmer authors had come close to eclecticism than him. Here's an example of how he did it in his poetry:

February 5, 2003

Every instance of human life will pass on to the next. The breath that I take at this moment will no longer be available for me in the next moment. Whatever it is that happens to me now will not affect me in the next second. The thing in the past can not touch me in the present; and the present can not touch the future. Why then do I worry about the past? The future? And not the present.

The source of worries:
Worry stems from its original source. If I get rid of the source, worries will not exist. Find the reasons for worries and eliminate them once and for all. Worries about the past? Forget about the past! Worry about the future? Do something about it in the present because what I do in the present will effect the future.

The source of my problems is the desire to have. I want this. I want that. I want to have, to know, to taste, to touch, to feel, to breathe in good scents, and what not. If I stop wanting, where will the problems come from?








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